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Full set
The Full Set  consists of a bag, bellows, chanter, three drones and three regulators.The wood throughout is African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) except for the bellows cheeks which are in Irish Elm.  Mountings are in brass and good quality imitation ivory.
Half Set

The Half Set of pipes consists of a bag, bellows, chanter and three drones. The drone stock is supplied ready bored to fit two regulators ( tenor and baritone) and it is fitted with temporary blackwood stoppers for these to be added at a later date,

Practice Set
Practice Set
The Practice set of pipes consists of a bag, bellows and chanter. The quality of all parts is the same as in the full set as it is assumed that the player will add on drones and regulators at a later date to build up to a full set.

Keyed Flute
Keyed Flute
The Five keyed, block mounted flute is fully chromatic.
Flutes are made from African Blackwood.
I recommend the silver plated head and barrel assembly for export.
The silver plated head joints are available both for keyed and non keyed versions.

Keyless Flute

The basic flute is a simple system (6 hole key of D) three piece keyless flute. It incorporates a tuning slide and is suitable for Irish traditional music.

I can supply an ‘all wooden design’ or (the one I prefer)  a sterling silver plated head joint/barrell assembly and ebonite embouchure plate. I developed this latter type many years ago as wooden  heads and barrells lined with a metal tube were prone to cracking when exported to  hotter climates.


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All prices in euros
  • Keyless flutes and Uilleann pipe practice sets are usually available ex-stock to 4 weeks.
  • All else at present approximately three to six months delivery from date of firm order.
  • please contact by phone or email if you have specific requests
Uilleann Pipe Prices
Practice set                                                                     1250
Half Set                                                                           3000
Full Set                                                                           5250
Individual items                                                                                                                                  

Chanter (keyless) with reed and head
Additional keys (each)
Stopkey on Chanter
Drones/stock reeded
Bag (hand stitched leather)
Bellows ( elm and double leather)  
Flute Prices
Keyless either wood or plated head                     770
Block mounted keys @250/key
(e.g 5 keyed )                                                             2000